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When you’re ready to switch to green energy, you need a solar company that knows what they’re doing. At Midstates Energy Solutions, you’re getting just that. We have been in the solar power industry for over 15 years, providing commercial solar panels and led lighting to businesses all over Findlay, OH. Our team is dedicated to giving you renewable energy solutions that suit your daily requirements. When you choose us, you can be confident that you’re getting the best in the business.

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Working with an experienced solar company brings many benefits. We won’t just install any random commercial led lighting or backup generator; instead, we will audit your property to get a good idea of your energy usage to give you a customized solar energy plan. We don’t want to waste your time with any old commercial solar panel service. Our team insists on giving you the best solar energy experience. We want you to know that you can switch to a more eco-friendly solution while staying within your budget. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and get you to love using solar energy as much as we do.

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Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled in the industry. One of our highest priorities is to ensure that every customer feels like they got more than they expected at every interaction with our solar company. Get in touch with our Findlay, OH, team to learn more!

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Stop depending on the grid and rely on renewable energy sources.

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Keep your home or business protected during power outages.

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